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The story of Noah’s Ark and The Flood is very old. There’s no telling how many times it’s been told down through the centuries. And, yes, I’m going to tell it again. Because it’s a true story, and it’s a good one. 

Our story begins in the ancient world…

Pre-flood Earth

Earth was different before the Flood. The continents still formed one single land mass – a super continent. In addition to its one ocean there also existed a vast reservoir of water beneath the crust of the Earth. It was known as The Deep. The land was extremely fertile. Underground streams watered the soil. And a great canopy was suspended above the sky. It was called The Waters Above The Sky. This is Bible. It’s in Genesis.


We now understand that these waters in the upper atmosphere formed a sphere of crystallized hydrogen that once surrounded the planet and protected Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. And it made the sky pink! It sometimes still is when you look at a sunrise or sunset. Light passing through a greater volume of hydrogen molecules in the air gives it that pink glow.

 Today, scientists suspect that Earth’s electromagnetic field was much stronger thousands of years ago. At the right frequency and intensity this electromagnetic field energizes living things at a cellular level, slowing or even reversing the aging process. Some believe that long ago Earth’s atmospheric pressure was greater too and also possessed a much higher oxygen content. 

Of course, there was no pollution. The air and water were pure and clean. These earliest of generations did not consume artificial substances. And the soil was rich with nutrients. As a result people of Noah’s time lived much longer than we do today. Some of them lived for centuries.

Such was the world of the Antediluvian age, the time from Adam to the time of the Flood. It ended about 4,400 years ago when God destroyed this ancient world with water. But first He spoke to a man named Noah. God warned Noah about the coming destruction and gave him the plan for how to build a very special boat to survive a worldwide flood. 

This is not just a Sunday-School story for kids. Noah’s Ark and God’s Flood were real. You can find this same story in the mythology of different cultures around the world. Their accounts of the flood go back thousands of years. Only, in their stories the names and some of the details differ. 

India Flood Story

        In India, the name of their hero is Manu, and it was a fish who told him a great flood would destroy everything on Earth. In the story, Manu believed the fish’s prophecy and so he built a huge ship. Waters covered the entire world, but Manu was saved. By the end of the story, Manu’s ship came to rest safely on top of a mountain. *

China Flood Story

Early China was isolated from much of the rest of the world. It would be many centuries later before Christians would reach out to this people with teachings from the Bible. Yet the Chinese already told stories about this event. According to Chinese legend, a man named Yu engineered a way to drain waters from their land after a great flood had swept over the earth. Legend has it that Yu founded the first imperial dynasty in China in the post-flood world. *

Sumerian/Babylonian Flood Story

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the gods determined to destroy humankind with a terrible flood. But one of them told Ziusudra, a man of humility and obedience. To survive the flood, he built a huge boat. In the Babylonian version of this Sumer classic, it is Utnapishtim and his wife who survive the flood. They take a bunch of animals with them too, so both humans and animals survive. * 



Does any of this sound familiar? That these tales of an ancient worldwide flood arose independently out of civilizations that were isolated from one another only adds to their validity. But you must look inside the Bible to find the most accurate account of this extraordinary event.


The real Noah was born nearly 5,000 years ago and lived to be 950 years old. Things were a little different back then. People lived a lot longer. The first man God created lived 935 years. His name was Adam, which means Man. Methuselah lived to be 969. The meaning of his name in Hebrew is When he is dead, it shall come. And it came to pass in just that way. Methuselah went home (that is, he died) not long before the flood. 

Noah means Comfort, the significance behind his name being that he would comfort all those who were going to survive the destruction of the world. This unique vessel, the ark, was made to be a place of refuge as well as provision and rest.

        All the various kinds of foods, seeds and grains—anything that could be grown and eaten—were brought aboard the ship. We see a similar concept in Norway’s global seed vault. It is touted to be the world’s most important freezer, because it contains and preserves seeds from all over the world.

The Ark

Before Noah built the ark he was a farmer. It’s important to remember that Noah did not design the ark — God did. This man did not need to solve every logistical problem that exists in the maritime industry. He just needed to hear from God… and follow His instructions… exactly. 

The ship was to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. With multiple decks and many rooms or cells to house the animals. A roof would stop rain and waves from flooding the ship while its windows would allow a continual flow of fresh air. A special tar-like resin would be used to waterproof its hull. And anchor stones could have been used to stabilize the ship.

“These” massive and unusual stones were found in a village near Mt. Ararat. This one measures 11 feet tall. By the looks of its design it appears to have been attached by a rope, so it could have been cut away and dropped once it was no longer needed.

Today, using modern-day marine engineering principles, various research centers and academic institutions have conducted critical test simulations to study the unique design and dimensions of Noah’s Ark. The ark models, if built properly, PASS THE TEST. 

Fountains and Floodgates

        Noah and his three sons built the ark, and it took them 100 years to do it. While the people of his time became corrupt and unsalvageable, Noah had faith in something not yet visible in the natural. 

Noah was 600 years old when the construction of the ark was completed. After all the food and supplies were loaded aboard, after he and his family were safely inside, after all the animals (at least two of every kind, both male and female) had entered the ark, then it happened… 

The fountains of the deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. Massive geysers of water gushed up from subterranean shafts like pillars ascending into the sky. The supercontinent that once was broke apart. Without stopping… rain fell on the earth for forty days and forty nights.

Only eight people boarded the ark: Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. They were the only ones to survive the Flood. Every other human and the rest of the animals that lived on dry land perished. An entire world came to an end. 

Noah and his family lived inside the ark for about a year. Eventually the floodwaters receded. The ark came to rest on a mountain. The land became livable again and the people planted crops.

Super-continent Puzzle

Time passed. A few generations later, in the days of Peleg, the separate and newly formed continents moved further apart as did the peoples. 

 In the centuries that followed, the Earth was repopulated, civilization began again, and the sky became this strange new color it had never been before – blue.

Metamorph: The Hybrid Seed

So, why did God destroy the world of Noah’s time? The Bible speaks of a very unusual event that took place in ancient times… The Word of God plainly says that long ago, before Noah’s flood and again afterward, some of the angels had sex with women.

In those days, giants lived on the earth and also afterward, when divine beings and human daughters had sexual relations and gave birth to children. These were the ancient heroes, famous men. (Genesis 6:4 CEB)

The union between fallen angels and women produced hybrid races of half-angelic-half-human beings. Some of these races (like the Nephilim) were giants. Stories about them were written long ago. They became the famous heroes of old. And they existed before and after the flood. 


Remember the story of David and Goliath? That was no fairytale, it really happened. They met.. on the battlefield. Goliath was a 10 foot tall giant — that’s about 3 feet taller than this guy. You can read about who won the fight in First Samuel chapter 17. 

Also, in Deuteronomy 3, we learn about a giant named Og—his bed was more than 13 feet long and made of iron. Some of the ancient Israelites who saw these beings were so discouraged that they said, “We look like grasshoppers in their sight.” 

Josephus, who lived during the time of the Roman Empire, describes them in his Antiquities of The Jews. Speaking of a time centuries earlier, he tells us, “There were till then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day.” *


Fake vs. Real

Here is where moderns differ from the ancients. Instead of preserving history, we cover it up. Today when a hoax is perpetrated on the net, showing a supposed photo of a giant skeleton, institutions like National Geographic and Smithsonian are quick to tell everyone, “See, it’s a fake!” Meanwhile, they offer viewers and readers an entire fake history of the world. And no real discussion is had about actual artifacts and evidence that contradict their show. All the evidence gets covered up by a sarcastic and false narrative. 

        The so-called experts in our time quickly dismiss any findings that shed light on the lost races of giants, because it does not fit their narrative or their worldview. And any scientist or historian that goes against the mainstream gets censored, defunded or fired. This is how Liars and God-deniers suppress the truth.


Previous generations were much more honest. Old newspaper articles from The New York Times, published back in the 18 and 1900s, covered stories on the discoveries of “giant skeletons” found in different locations throughout North America. 

Stories of giants permeate the folklore of different Native American tribes who witnessed and described their shared experience and sightings of these creatures. South America has its legends of giants too, well documented accounts from explorers and indigenous peoples going back to as early as the 1500s. *


Whales on Mountain Tops

Neither can mainstream science explain all these unusual discoveries of “the fossils of whale skeletons found on the tops of mountains and in the middle of deserts.” * Findings like these are immediately discredited or get explained away by some alternative theory, because the truth points to God.


Ocean above Mountains

No giant survived the flood, not even one. The flood covered the tallest mountains. However, there were at least two separate times in history that the Devil had his angels try to corrupt the bloodline of mankind. Genesis 6:4 explains that giants were on the earth in the days before and after the flood. 


Bloodline Timeline

Genesis 6:9 says of Noah that he was “perfect” (in some translations it says righteous or blameless). It’s true that he was a preacher of righteousness in his generation. But, here, the Hebrew word for perfect is “tamiym.” It means “without blemish.” 

As Fenis Jennings Dake explains in his Bible commentary, “It is the technical word for bodily perfection, not moral perfection.” * Dake rightly points out that this particular word is used many times in the Old Testament and refers to sacrificial animals that were required to be physically pure and without blemish. 

Fallen angels had sex with women to corrupt the bloodline of the entire human race in an attempt to stop the coming of the Messiah. Noah and his family were the last people of pure Adamite stock in their generation. They were the last (uncorrupted) humans on Earth. 


By destroying the world of that time, God was saving human-kind. He destroyed the races of giants in order to save the human race. 

In the future, His Son would come into the world, born of a virgin. The Son of God would become a man, having flesh and blood like us. He would share in our humanity, but he would not sin. He would live a perfect and sinless life before offering himself up as a sacrifice. By his blood shed upon the cross he would save many, all those who believe. 

Jesus was destined to become the Savior of the world. Even before the creation of the Earth this was God’s plan and purpose for His Son. This is why the Bible refers to him as “the Lamb without blemish who was slain from the foundation of the world.”

Mount Ararat

After the floodwaters subsided the ark came to rest on Mount Ararat. Just like the Bible says. Mt. Ararat rests on the border between Turkey and Armenia, and its snow-capped summit reaches nearly 17,000 feet. The ark is up there, buried somewhere in a glacier of ice. Over the centuries and in recent decades different people have testified to actually having seen it, even having seen inside it. They describe it as a dark and clearly man-made structure protruding from the ice. Because it was broken open, they could see multiple decks with walkways and rows of compartments inside. 

Along with occasional sightings there is some hard evidence, like the aerial photo taken by the U.S. Air Force during a reconnaissance mission in 1949. The government calls it the Ararat Anomaly. This photo shows what looks like the form of a huge ship on a side of the mountain but covered by snow. Also, we have the testimony by Ed Davis; a sergeant in the Army Corps of Engineers, who talks about his discovery of the ark back in 1943. He tells of how he was near a place on the mountain called Doomsday Rock when he caught a glimpse of it down in a canyon just as the ice was melting and the fog was lifting. *


Pilots and military personnel who claim to have taken the more excellent photographs have the most amazing stories of how they lost those photos or had them confiscated by government agents. Also, there exists multiple eyewitness accounts from people who were not looking for the ark and accidentally found it, but when they tried to go back to find it again they could not. There are two separate accounts of persons who tried to cut off just a small piece of it and couldn’t. They said that the wood was hard as stone. 

I believe it. But not just on their word. The Bible is the best evidence that Noah’s Ark is real. God revealed it to us in His Word. It’s not for us to prove, it’s for us to believe. It is a small thing for God to hide or reveal the ark. If the remains of the ship have been preserved and God wants it to be discovered—its finding will be in His timing. Our job is to believe. 


Sudden Destruction

Jesus said…


“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. 

It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.” (Luke 17:26-30 NIV)

Busy Distracted Modern World

These words are a prophetic warning for the billions of people living on this planet right now. The Bible warns us that this present world is reserved for fire. Destruction is going to rain down so suddenly and unexpectedly that many will not be ready. Most folks are too distracted with their lives; busy working or playing, buying and selling things, going to school, starting a business, starting a family, traveling or pursuing other goals. 

The Last Days will be just like the days of Noah and of Lot. Stay ready. And stay in faith. This life is not all there is. Eventually, this world will pass away. On the last day, Jesus will be revealed to all nations as Lord and Savior of the world. At that moment, unbelievers will be terrified. But the believer should not be in fear—we should be in faith. Because God knows how to deliver His people.



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