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Peace to you my friend,


This book was 20 years in the making, with 15 of those years spent getting discipled and preaching and teaching the Word of God at weekly believers’ meetings. It is sort of my notes. Much research was involved. But Christianity is not merely academic. You cannot learn it just by studying it. You must live it.


If you think this book was something then you should read the writings of my spiritual father – Greg Mullins (prophet, teacher, and founder of Full Grown Ministry). You can find his teachings on social media: places like Facebook and WordPress. Search “Tribulation Saints.”


I’ve included multiple links to his work in the following pages of References and Resources. This man of God’s teachings and ministry are my highest recommendation to you for continuing to learn about the Kingdom of God and growing in faith and obedience to His Word. These are the Lord’s things. But usually when the Lord has something for you, He uses other people to get it to you. The anointed words coming through this man of God have changed my life. Thank you, Brother Greg!


You can also find another man of God – Keith Moore (prophet, pastor, and head of He has an entire library of powerful and anointed teachings available on his website for free. “No cost means no excuse.” If you will regularly read and listen to anointed teachings, they will feed your spirit and increase your faith. Faith comes by hearing the anointed word. Only the Word of God has the power to change you or me.


                   Farewell for now

                            brothers and sisters

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