You Are Going To Die


You Are Going To Die is a short film that takes you on a journey through Earth, Hell, and Heaven to answer the age old question — What is the meaning of life?

The transcript below can be read in much the same way any story can be. Along with prayer and thoughtful study of the Scriptures this writing will bare further revelation about this subject—The Meaning of Life—even beyond what is revealed in the film.

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                            You Are Going To Die



It’s a miracle…

The abundance and diversity of life on Earth.

All the bugs and beasts, birds that fly, and creatures of the sea.

It’s a miracle…

The vast volumes of water, oxygen-filled air, and nutrient-rich soil that supply our needs.

And every living thing on the planet has a place where it belongs.

Every species thrives in the habitat it was made for. 

And each is uniquely qualified to serve a special role in its ecosystem.

If you remove one, its absence affects the others…

Because everything’s connected.

We take it for granted…

The clock-like precision of our solar system.

How a giant sphere of liquid fire burns in the cold vacuum of space. 

And a small blue planet nearby does not burn or freeze or drift off into deep space.

By design…

Earth orbits the Sun at just the right speed and distance to receive just the right amount of light and warmth to support life.

The planet spins to create day and night.

Plants produce oxygen which humans and animals need to breathe.

Humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide which the plants need.

By design…

Every living thing on Earth—plants, trees, animals, people—came from a seed.

The plan for a physical body is contained in the genetic material of the seed.

There are millions of different kinds of seeds, and every seed produces after its own kind.

This planet’s fruitfulness is a part of God’s Blessing.

But not everything we see is a part of God’s original Design.

Earth is no paradise.

There exists all kinds of disease, natural disasters.

There are storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, extreme cold temperatures, extreme hot temperatures, famine, pestilences, and the animals kill each other.

Sometimes they try to kill you.

Nature is dangerous.

Human nature is worse.

People commit the most horrible of crimes against each other.

Our governments are unjust.

The businesses are corrupt.

Our schools are perverted.

People can be lazy, proud, and greedy.

These things lead to poverty, conflicts, and war.

The problem is not a shortage of resources — it is the mismanagement of resources.

In this world there are many who lie, steal, and kill to get what they want.

The planet is not the problem — we’re the problem.

But none of this is God’s fault.

In the original order and arrangement of things God made everything good.

He created the first man and woman and they lived in the Blessing.

God gave Man dominion over this world.

He also gave us free will.

But when we choose to sin the Curse enters in. 

Now there are 2 kingdoms in the Earth: the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Through unbelief and disobedience fellowship with the Lord is broken.

By believing in Jesus and obeying the Bible we return to God.

The whole point of this life is not you being happy or getting everything you want.

Our thoughts and desires cannot give our lives purpose or meaning.

If you were rich and famous…

If you were somebody important or powerful…

Or if you were poor…

If you were out of work…

Or if you were an outcast…

Whether you traveled the world or never left your hometown…

Whether you hated your job or had a satisfying and successful career…

If you fell in love…

Or never loved at all…

No matter who you were or what you did in the world… 

This life is short.

Every so often we are reminded of our own mortality.

But how quickly we forget.

There’s over 8 billion people on the planet right now.

Every second, somewhere on Earth, an average of about 2 people die.

Every second.

Some die by the sword.

Others live to be a hundred and go peacefully in their sleep.

It makes no difference.

Eventually, every last one of us must leave this world.

This includes you.

Some day, sooner or later, you are going to die.



For the unbeliever this life has no meaning.

Without God your life has zero value.

The lost are without purpose.

This is why secular philosophers never were able to answer this age old question: What is the meaning of life?

Because without God everything is meaningless.

Then you die and go to Hell.

Many people throughout the world do not believe in a real physical Hell like the one described in the Bible, the one Jesus warned us about.

They are confident… right up to the moment they face death.

Then they are terrified.

A moment after their physical death they discover the shocking truth —

Hell is real. 

It is a place of eternal punishment, unquenchable fire, darkness that can be felt, and unending pain.

Hell exists in the spirit realm and is described as a pit of fire deep inside the Earth.

It is filled with lost souls endlessly burning and being tormented for their sins.

God gave them a Savior, but they rejected him.

Now lost souls are condemned to spend eternity in a world they were not created for.

The dead remember their lives on Earth.

They remember how they were once human.

They regret all the times they heard the Truth of God and rejected it.

They cannot forget how they refused to repent of their sins.

And they remember every minister the Lord ever sent them.

God offered them every kind of help.

They received warning after warning.

Still, they refused to seek God and His right way of doing things.

Now they exist in a place far from the presence of God… the very thing they claimed to have wanted.

But it only takes being in Hell for about 3 seconds to realize — you don’t want this.

Hell is a place of unspeakable terrors and constant fear.

There is no peace or love or friendships in Hell — only chaos and strife.

There is no mercy or forgiveness — only judgment.

And the screaming and crying never stops.

Lost souls just burn.

They have no hope.

And remain in darkness forever.


In Between Worlds

God made the stars.

And everything He makes has a purpose.

So what is the meaning of light?

Light exists to make things visible.

It pushes back the darkness.

Sunlight creates daylight and provides warmth to Earth.

The stars sing in the heavens.

They shine together.

Each has a name.

They decorate the void of the cosmos and bring glory to God.

Earth has a purpose too — it does something that Heaven cannot do.

In this world we have space and time to change.

God gives us time to grow.

Even though we do not see Him we can choose to believe in Him.

For the saved man or woman this life is just a test.

This world tests your faith.

This world is not your Home.

We are just passing through.

But don’t go Home early.

Stay, live your life, run your course.

You are a valuable member of the body of Christ.

You are supposed to be here.

You are here for such a time as this.

To discover the gifts God put inside you.

To develop those talents—not only for your own enjoyment—but to benefit others.

Christians were not meant to hide in a corner or under the bed.

Be a light and witness and blessing to others by doing what God called you to do.

Then… die in faith.

The ages to come will not be like this one.

The next life is a never-ending, more than enough, fully satisfying, rich, abundant life.

But it begins here.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven you need to have faith in God.

Faith is the first step in the process of salvation.

Salvation and resurrection life is the transformation of your spirit, soul, and body…

It is mortal man receiving from his Creator the un-created spiritual life — True Life. 

Scripture says . . .

For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God. As the Scriptures say, “People are like grass; their beauty is like a flower in the field. The grass withers and the flower fades. But the word of the Lord remains forever.” And that word is the Good News that was preached to you. 

1 Peter 1:23-25 NLT



We were made to live in a world without end.

The end of the Bible describes the eternal City of God.

For believers everywhere — this is our Home.

The City of God is roughly the size of Europe and it ascends into the sky.

Its streets are made of transparent gold; strong as metal, clear as glass.

A multitude of souls redeemed by the Lord are there.

The holy angels are there.

Jesus is there.

And that place is jammin’ with praise.

So many of the visual concepts we see today—paintings and computer animations—do not show you what that place is really like.

Some are scriptural, but they are incomplete.

Artists’ interpretations of the City of God described in the Book of Revelation show you towering shiny buildings — ewww shiny.

But they don’t show you a vast city filled with a myriad of people from throughout Earth’s history.

People full of the love of God… enjoying life… engaged in so many different enjoyable activities… doing different kinds of jobs to serve one another… taking classes to learn more about the Kingdom of God… people celebrating, playing and having fun. 

This bright vibrant world is filled with people.

And everyone is eternally and perpetually young.

Everyone has peace and joy and feels a sense of belonging.

No one is depressed.

There’s no crime or lack.

There you find rest from your labors and troubles.

And no one is bored.

There is ceaseless activity.

The people of God are free to explore the City of God.

This supernatural realm contains mountain-sized structures, huge wide-open spaces, sprawling parks, and grand views.

Its horizons are indoors.

You are surrounded and humbled by the most spectacular architecture in the universe.

All around you the most powerful and most advanced technologies ever created are seamlessly integrated into the workings of the city.

Its transportation systems are fast and effortless to ride.

The green and blue beauty of nature’s trees and rivers are blended with the mega structures of the city.

If you look up, above you is a sky, transparent foundations and streets you can see through, and another sky above that one.

And the light of the glory of God fills the city.

Because you are submerged in a spiritual atmosphere of love even the most common of activities are richer and far more satisfying.

Complete strangers treat you like their dearest and closest family members.

There is always much to do and see but there is no longer the pressure of time.

At your leisure you can enjoy browsing exquisite art collections from the ages.

There is a great library of true history—both Heaven’s and Earth’s—and it contains the books of the lives of all people who have ever lived on Earth.

You can behold spectacular feats of engineering and otherworldly inventions.

You can listen to the music and melodies of angels.

There are both familiar and exotic creatures of all kinds.

There is food.

There is eating.

There is lounging and hanging out with friends.

Some of Heaven’s activities we already have here on Earth right now.

But in that place there are many things that we have never seen before… or even heard of.

It is a world beyond your wildest imagination.

It would take you a thousand years just to get somewhat familiar with finding your way around the Holy City.

In the age to come there will be other smaller cities on Earth, but none compare to this one.

The City of God is the most glorious because God is there.

From the highest point of Mt. Zion, from the throne of God, goes forth the Word of the Lord throughout His Kingdom.

If you are one of the holy ones allowed to enter into the City of God, you will not just be sitting on a cloud strumming your harp.

You will be joining the Great Assembly of God’s people to worship the Lord.

God has made us to different things.

Like the different systems and cells of a body, in the City of God everything’s connected.

Citizens of Heaven are members of a community.

Sons and Daughters are part of a family.

And together all of them become an everlasting kingdom.

What is the meaning of life?

We were made for God… and we were made for each other.

But God’s plan for your life does not begin after you die.

It has already begun.




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