Secrets of Anti-Aging


What is Aging?

Microbiologists have discovered worlds within worlds inside the human body: organs constructed out of tissues and fluids… formed by cells… made of molecules… which are made up of atoms… which are made up of even smaller things; sub-atomic particles. These biological building blocks contain different forms of energy (kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical). And at the cellular level we find genetic information — a kind of blueprint for the human machine. 

Part of the aging process: you lose muscle mass.. you start to feel pain in your joints.. you have less energy and get tired quicker.. your skin gets wrinkles. These are only some of the signs and symptoms. But what’s the cause? Perhaps aging is best understood at the cellular level.

Aging is a biological process of cellular degeneration. At the cellular level the human body—fueled by Earth’s air, water, and food—was designed to regenerate itself continually and completely. This regenerative process is a part of all biological life. Yet even a healthy body is not quite able to sustain itself and eventually it grows old and dies. Because there is an ongoing and deteriorating biochemical process taking place inside its cells.

Scientists estimate that the average human body is made up of around 30 trillion cells. All cells are alive. And there is no way for a cell and its genetic code to develop from random non-living materials as Science once taught. Living cells only come from living cells. Dead stuff cannot make them. If you were to look at a cell through a microscope you would see this complex and otherworldly microscopic vehicle. Some describe it as a factory. Others say it is more like a small city.

A single human cell has a surrounding protective wall-like membrane that contains different compartments and structures inside, different moving parts, a very specific and complex set of instructions within its genetic programming, an energy source, a communications system that allows it to communicate with other cells, mechanisms for attaching to other cells, a propulsion system, steering, ports for taking in fuel, and exhaust ports for expelling waste.

In addition to its various functions the cell is constantly repairing itself. This cycle of cellular regeneration occurs at different speeds throughout the body. Some cells within the surface of your skin break down and regenerate in as fast as 3 days. Other cells like the ones in your bones may take as long as 7 years to regenerate completely. The point is — all cells regenerate. But when this biological process of regeneration is disrupted you get a new process called “aging.”

A Time To Live

The human body is a single complex structure made up of many different parts all working together to support life. You have different vital organs: heart, lungs, pancreas, stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, skin and brain. All of these function within different interconnected systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, excretory, and reproductive.

The anatomy and physiology (place and function) of every part at every level is an intelligent design.

And if you know how the body is designed to operate then you can take better care of it. If you know what specific things cause or speed up aging then you can start doing things to promote anti-aging. By un-doing damage that has been done you can slow down or even reverse the aging process (up to a point) and become physically stronger, have more energy, and truly be more healthy and more youthful in appearance. You can feel better and live longer.

Time does not age your body. It is not time that destroys our bodies. Think about when you get a cut on your hand and over time it heals. In this case doesn’t it seem like time is helping? The reconstruction is by design. All of your cells are designed to regenerate themselves. Cells are alive: they function, spend energy, get more energy, break down, build back up, repair themselves, and keep going. Our bodies were designed to keep going… forever. 

However, in the current order and arrangement of things our bodies cannot restore themselves fast enough or regenerate perfectly and completely. We are made out of the dust of the Earth, and the Earth has got problems. Over time cellular and genetic damage occurs. This weakens our cells. Ultimately, this weakened condition impacts different vital organs and their functions, of which there are many. Eventually something important breaks down. To each of us is appointed a time to die.

How To Live For 300 YEARS

Your body is made out of the dust of the Earth. The Bible describes what Earth was like 6,000 years ago. The book of Genesis describes a different order and arrangement of things in the pre-flood age of Earth. In ancient times, before Noah’s Flood, there existed water below the sky and water above the sky. The water below the sky was one great ocean that surrounded a single supercontinent. The water above the sky was a dense, cold, crystallized, hydrogen-rich, upper atmosphere that blocked harmful short-wave UltraViolet rays from the Sun. This “waters above the sky” helped protect plants and animals and people from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Earth’s ancient atmosphere may have been greater in volume and possessed more oxygen before the fountains of the deep burst forth and the floodgates of heaven were opened. This greater atmospheric pressure and higher oxygen content in the air would have supplied land dwelling creatures with more energy. A network of underground springs watered the surface of the earth. And the soil itself was rich with nutrients. The ground easily produced its crops. There were not any man-made chemicals in the foods. Back then there was no pollution in the air or water. Seed-bearing plants and trees produced all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Animals were fruitful and increased in number. They were not pumped with growth hormones. Living things lived much longer. Some species grew much bigger. Nature was different — more abundant and free of decay. And nearer to the beginning of human history people lived much longer. Some people lived for centuries.

The first man, Adam, lived to be 930 years old. Among the ancients there was a man by the name of Methuselah who lived to be 969. Noah was 600 years old when God’s Flood destroyed the world of that time. The floodgates of the vault of heaven (a sphere of crystallized hydrogen in the upper atmosphere) were opened, and the fountains of the great deep (subterranean waters beneath the crust of the Earth) burst forth. And waters covered the Earth. Noah lived for another 350 years after this worldwide flood. However, the Bible records some of the ages of men that came after him. There was a dramatic change in the average human life span. People began to live for shorter periods. Noah was born about 5,000 years ago and lived to be 950, then he died. Abraham lived around 4,000 years ago, generations after the flood, and he lived to be 175. It would be about four centuries later when Moses was born. And Moses lived to be 120 years old. Today, even with all of our scientific knowledge and advanced technologies and modern conveniences, many do not make it past 70 or 80.

A Time To Die

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time, for they are only mortal flesh. In the future, their normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years.”

Genesis 6:3  NLT

Perhaps this is when the human body lost its ability to produce Vitamin C. This strange fact has puzzled scientists for decades. Most species of plants and animals on this planet can synthesize ascorbic acid, but the human genome cannot. Many animals manufacture for themselves 5 to 10 grams of C a day. In the human body a certain enzyme is missing that makes biosynthesis or production of this essential vitamin impossible. Yet we still need it. So we must get it from diet or supplements.

Linus Pauling is known as “the father of molecular biology.” In 1954 he won the Nobel Prize for his work in Chemistry. He’s the guy who discovered the double-helical structure of DNA. He also made a surprising discovery about Vitamin C — cancer patients have extremely low levels of Vitamin C in their blood because their bodies are using and depleting it to fight the disease. Pauling’s research on this subject in the 70s and 80s laid the foundation for what we know about this vitamin today. 

Back in the 70s numerous tests were conducted on cancer patients receiving Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in high dosages (10 grams a day). Hundreds of cancer patients were examined. Later, Linus Pauling conducted his own tests. Over the years thousands of patients were studied. It was discovered that high dosages of Vitamin C arrest the development of cancer!

Here’s something even more shocking. Pauling presented his findings to the National Cancer Institute, but they did not find it interesting! In the mid-80s some health professionals from this same institution even lied about his studies and tried to cover up his research! They wanted him to stop telling the world about the potential benefits of taking mega doses of Vitamin C.

Today, worldwide, it is estimated that there are more than 18 million cancer cases. Imagine if cancer patients—in addition to modern treatments—got on C, also. Chemotherapy can work, but it weakens your immune system. Whereas vitamin C strengthens it. Of course, you don’t need to get sick or injured before you start taking nutritional supplements. Isn’t it better to prevent sickness or injury from occurring in the first place?

The max dosage of Vitamin C is around 5,000 mg (5 grams, or in powder form a level tea spoon) about every 3 to 4 hours all day long. This is the most radical regimen there is. But it is not accompanied by the same danger of overdose or risk of harmful side-effects like there is with so many man-made drugs. A roughly 150 lbs. person’s body will safely use up every bit of 5,000 milligrams of C. Now more C than this your body may not be able to process fast enough and the extra will just go through and out your system. But you don’t want to waste such a vital resource. Vitamin C costs money. We’re talking about maybe $20 a bottle, depending on where you buy it and whether you get it in powder form or in capsules.

It’s kind of funny. Some people say things like, “Oh yeah, I already take Vitamin C. I drink a glass of orange juice everyday!” Or they eat an orange. Most juices are loaded with sugar, something the body can only process a small amount of and then it becomes extremely damaging. Even some natural fruits, like mangoes, are loaded with super high levels of sugar. Far more than your body can handle. In modern times, Sugar is not just a luxury — it is one of the biggest killers of Americans… because we put it in almost everything we eat and drink. And would you like to know how much C is in that orange? Your average orange contains 83 mg of Vitamin C. You would need to eat sixty oranges to get a healthy daily dose of Vitamin C!

You need much more of this vitamin than what so-called medical authorities recommend.

Personally, when I’m doing my normal routine, I’ll take close to 5,000 mg of C first thing in the morning. Sometimes I take a second dose in the early afternoon. But avoid taking it later in the day. It can give you a lot of energy. And you want to be able to sleep at night. Vitamin C is also directly involved in the synthesis of collagen, one of the building blocks of your skin. All kinds of super and beneficial chemical reactions occur inside your body when you consistently take not just small amounts but mega doses of C daily. 

Vitamins are a supplement, not a replacement, to healthy living. To achieve the optimum level of health possible you must regularly exercise, find something aerobic you enjoy (like running, swimming, biking, or martial arts), and also do something anaerobic (a form of strength training), and stick with it 3 to 4 times a week, don’t get injured, have a good diet, take nutritional supplements, and get enough rest. This is how you achieve your best.

Modern Day Killers

Different stuff is killing us. This is a list of the five top categories of things causing or contributing to rapid aging. If it were not for these things we would be born, grow and develop, reach maturity, and live for centuries. 

Harmful Substances

Harmful substances damage cells… Toxins, micro-plastics, metals, man-made chemicals, PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), Growth Hormones in the food supply, pesticides on and in the plants, preservatives, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), Hydrogenated Oils, artificial sugars and sweeteners (which cause cancer but have zero calories.. yay!), processed red meats (many of these have the same carcinogenic rating as cigarettes), excessive amounts of refined SUGAR, just plain ol’ SUGAR, and more SUGAR, potentially helpful chemicals but in excess, foods with super high levels of cholesterol, pollution in the air, carbon monoxide in inner-city congested traffic areas, polluted water, too much UV radiation from the Sun: all these things can cause direct and in-direct damage to cells. Cellular damage is a hallmark of aging. 

It helps to detox. There are different ways to Detox your body: prebiotics and probiotics, molecular hydrogen water, etc.. Some people think “detox” means to fast for a day (which can have some benefit). Some stop drinking CocaCola or stop eating McDonalds for a week! Or they quit smoking for a few days or quit getting drunk for one weekend. Then they go back to their old routine and do it for years. One cheeseburger is not going to kill you. But a few every week adds up. It does more damage than you might think. You can eat a lot of things you want. You don’t have to give them up. Just use moderation. However, there are many common foods and beverages sold in grocery stores that should be avoided all together. We are paying people to poison us! 

Bartender, I’ll take another hydrogen please…

You can drink hydrogen water. Molecular hydrogen water introduces extra hydrogen molecules into the H2O mix. But those molecules need something to combine with. They cannot combine with the water. So once they get inside your body they combine with free-radicals to transform into water. Basically, this reaction detoxifies your body. And gives you more healthy energy in the process. 

Free-radicals cause fatigue. If you’ve ever eaten a bunch of “junk-food” or “fast-food” and felt tired afterwards you understand. Or remember the times you were sick and every joint in your body ached. That feeling of tiredness is actually your physical body responding to your cells weakened condition. Your body—at the cellular level—was under attack.

But there is a better way to detox… 

Interestingly enough, your stomach can absorb gasses and introduce them into your bloodstream. But your lungs are much better at intaking gasses than your stomach is. So it is believed that breathing extra hydrogen is more effective than drinking it.

Breathing a higher concentration of hydrogen has been shown to have multiple health benefits, including that of anti-inflammatory and therapeutic antioxidant effects. 


Malnutrition is a condition of not getting enough nutrients from the food you eat. Billions of people on the planet are malnourished. 

Add to that mild to moderate dehydration. 

By “mild dehydration” I do not mean that it was a hot day and you didn’t drink enough water after your run and felt a little light headed and had to go sit down. I’m talking about not drinking enough water throughout the day, every day of your life, over a period of years and even decades. Not drinking adequate amounts of clean drinkable water as a norm puts additional stress on your kidneys and negatively affects the overall performance of your body’s various biological functions. Because everything’s connected. 

The solution to dehydration is simple: drink more water throughout the day.

However, the solution to malnutrition is not to simply eat a so-called “healthy diet.” You will never get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. You need to take nutritional supplements in addition to eating healthy proteins, carbs, and fats. You need both: a good diet and supplements. Supplements are supplemental: provided in addition to what is already present or available to complete or enhance it.

Getting Sick

There are all kinds of harmful microscopic organisms—germs, pathogens, viruses, free radicals and bad bacteria—that attack the body. More specifically, they attack your cells. Cells have an immune response. They can fight back. But a weakened immune system leaves the body susceptible to harm. When cellular and genetic damage occurs it can lead to sickness, disease, even death. 

Breathing air, pumping blood, and digesting food involve chemical and mechanical processes. Eventually, damage at the cellular level will begin to affect various functions of the body. Chronic illnesses or diseases can contribute to a more accelerated aging. Sickness weakens the body.

Genetic Damage

Damage to a cell can cause a loss of genetic information which causes imperfect repairs of the cell structure and genome. Any damage to the genetic information in your cells results in an imperfect copy of the cell. Genetic errors are sort of like bad copies: a copy of a copy of a copy is not as good as the original. 

And just like with a car one problem can lead to a host of other problems. Now there is an accumulation of cellular waste within the cells. What? Now you got altered intercellular communication, too. Huhn? And oxidation is occurring at an ever-increasing rate. Man, you got all kinds of biochemical problems. You need more anti-oxidants. Really? How much is all this going to cost?!

As best as I can understand it, the chief cause of aging is genetic. It’s in the blueprint. Think about it. Some animals are beautiful, healthy, and strong… but they don’t live long. It’s not always diet or lifestyle. Genetics plays a major role in longevity.

Weak Planet Weak Cells

Fact: The planet Earth is surrounded by a giant invisible electromagnetic field that energizes every cell of your body from the moment of conception to the day of your death. In the same way that the human body needs air, water and food — it also needs electromagnetism. Yet you do not even notice this invisible field is there… unless you leave the planet. 

NASA scientists learned this when astronauts first began getting sick from going on longer space missions. They discovered that these men and women were not having physical problems from living in a zero-gravity environment, aside from muscle atrophy. They were getting sick from being outside of the Earth’s electromagnetic field for long durations. 

It is a reasonable scientific certainty that Earth’s electromagnetic field was much stronger thousands of years ago. Based on observations we can make today it is also reasonable to say, in its current state of decay, that the intensity of its field is not strong enough to provide the human body with the maximum benefits that higher levels of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy can offer.

Electro-Magnetic Fields are not the same as an electrical current from a power line. They are not static magnets like the ones you put on your fridge. This is something different. But it is not something foreign to our physical bodies. You have been enveloped by electromagnetic fields every second of your life! And it would do us good to crank up the juice.

PEMF is measured in frequency and intensity. 

Earth’s electromagnetic field is strongest around the North and South poles and fluctuates in frequency anywhere from 1 to 30 Hz. The electromagnetic fields produced by our cells, tissues, and bodies are referred to as bio-electromagnetism. This cyclical EMF frequency of the human body averages around 8 Hz. 

The intensity of Earth’s electromagnetic field ranges from 25 to 65 gauss. Ever notice when you get out of the city and go hiking outdoors you feel more energized? You’re getting fresh air. But you’re also getting a very small measure of electromagnetic field therapy. It’s coming up through the ground. Still, it’s not much. To put this in perspective, I have an electromagnetic machine with a coil that can produce 10,000 gauss (1 tesla). There are others on the market that go up to 50,000 gauss, and that is the healthy max. It is recommended to do only one session a day and a session is considered 20 to 30 minutes. 

Remember how little vitamin C is in an orange? It’s the same principle. Naturally (in nature), we do not get anywhere near as much electromagnetism as we need. We are deficient in it.

PEMF therapy increases the ability of your cells to take in nutrients and oxygen as well as get rid of toxins and waste. It also increases your circulation, prevents blood cells from clumping together, improves flexibility in your joints, speeds up healing in your bones, stimulates cartilage regrowth, strengthens tissues, regenerates nerves, helps nerve cells fire properly, enhances immune system functions and overall slows the aging process and gives you energy! 

Look up…

Then there’s the current state of Earth’s atmosphere. If it were stronger we would be stronger. There are numerous benefits to breathing higher concentrations of oxygen and hydrogen. For this reason creationists suspect that there must have been much higher concentrations of these gasses in Earth’s atmosphere thousands of years ago.

Today, air’s mixture is: 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 1% (Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and other stuff). While the pressure is 14.7 psi. (pounds per square inch) at sea level.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) introduce a higher concentration of oxygen into your blood stream. At pressure even distal tissue regions of the body are quickly super-saturated with oxygen. 

The Bible says that life is in the blood. Your heart is your blood pump. Non-stop it pumps blood throughout your entire body day and night, even when you sleep. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients and water to the cells. At the same time blood transports toxins, waste, and carbon dioxide out of the body. The transport system for all of these life sustaining elements and dangerous or un-needed substances is your blood. Life is in the blood!

Then there’s the Sun… 

Here is another example of Weak Planet Weak Cells: Earth does not fully protect us from the Sun’s harmful radiation. Still, the human body needs good radiation. Now we may have it in the form of Red and Near-Infrared Light therapy. 

Light therapy or photobiomodulation is believed to help build collagen, promote tissue repair, stimulate hair growth, and trigger mitochondria to generate more ATP. This molecule carries energy within cells. Unlike sunlight, you can look directly into this spectrum of light and it does not hurt or damage your eyes. This form of energy is known best for its ability to strengthen and rejuvenate the cells of your skin. 

Look down…

Finally, we have the periodic table of 118 known chemical elements, all the different kinds of substances known to exist on planet Earth in their most simple form. Each of these unique elements is identified by its atomic number. They are the very building blocks of matter. Combined together they form a world of organic and inorganic compounds. I wonder if any are missing from the original order and arrangement of things?

This too can contribute to the aging process of the human body: weak planet weak cells.

Science of Supplements

Every “body” is different. Body types range from mesomorphic to endomorphic to ectomorphic. Some people are naturally big (with fat and/or muscle) and have a hard time losing weight. Others are naturally skinny and would have just as hard of a time gaining weight. And some are somewhere in-between and maintain an average weight. Also, take into account that a person can be young, middle-aged, or old. Some have special medical conditions. Some have injuries. Some have allergies. All these factors should be taken into account when planning a diet and exercise routine. Every “body” is different.

But there are certain facts of biology that apply to everyone. This is true for all of us: you were born… the most dramatic changes in your body occurred when you were a fetus, a baby, and later a small child. As you were growing you were changing. Then the transformation stopped. Or some day it will. Once you reach about your mid-20s you stop growing and changing and start aging. Here is a great time to get into supplemental nutrition. Because it’s just a fact: You will never get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat.  

Your physical body is made out of the dust of the Earth. You are breathing, drinking, and eating elements of the Earth. The human body is constructed out of an estimated 60 different identifiable chemicals.. that we know of: things like Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium and Phosphorus. Add to the list: Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Chromium, Zinc, and others. But what happens if you don’t get sufficient quantities of these essential biological building blocks daily? Your body ages faster. 

Supplements slow down the process of Death. You don’t always need a doctor. You definitely don’t always need drugs: prescription or over-the-counter. But you do need knowledge and discipline. Taking nutritional supplements daily is a discipline. 

Supplements are not just for athletes. Or for people who got sick or have an injury. They are for anyone who wants to feel better and live longer. Others will see the results, but you will feel them. 

Supplements (vitamins and minerals) are the building blocks of your body. And, relatively speaking, they don’t cost too much. 

Different nutritional supplements support specific biological functions: 

Vitamin-C is the number one booster of the immune system. Basically, it strengthens every cell in your body. Take a healthy dose of it first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Now if you wanted to improve or maintain good blood circulation take Ginkgo Biloba. It dilates the blood vessels. It’s also rich in anti-oxidants and can help reduce inflammation in the body.

If you’re having joint trouble, a complex of Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM will strengthen your cartilage, tendons and ligaments. These supplements are some of the very chemicals your joints are made of.


A daily Multi-Vitamin / Multi-Mineral supplement can improve your overall health. 

B-Complex (a bunch of different B vitamins all working together) helps your entire body absorb nutrients from the food you eat. This is why you should take B-Complex with your largest meal of the day.

If you wanted to strengthen your heart (and your heart is kind of important), the very best thing you could take is CO-Q10. It’s not something foreign or strange to your heart. It is one of the chief building blocks of your heart muscle.

Take Acetyl L-Carnitine and PS-100 for your brain. They improve cognition, increase memory and get rid of the brain fog (a kind of slowness that you don’t realize was there until it’s gone). 

Dosage and timing are important. Get it right. If you have some kind of special medical condition then you may want to consult your physician, but most are not experts in nutrition. I recommend finding out who the real experts are and listening to them. Find out what amounts nutrition experts actually take themselves. (see References and Resources below)

The difference supplements can make in your physical health is noticeable and measurable. Nutritional supplements, which are now so readily available, can help extend your life and improve your quality of life. But you will never hear this from Big Pharma, which is continually trying to sell you its products and services. 

Americans could cripple the so-called health industry simply by staying healthy. They could stop giving the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies so much of their income. Compared to people’s hospital bills supplements are a fraction of the cost. Supplements cannot reset a broken bone or remove a bullet from your chest, but there are a lot of other things they can do. I am thankful for good doctors and good medicine. But they do not and cannot supply all of our health needs. Some of these companies are making billions of dollars off of fake care that people don’t need or that doesn’t even solve the problem.

During the man-made Pandemic I heard one highly political health professional on TV giving her critique of Vitamin C. She was lecturing Americans about how studies have shown that Vitamin C does not fight the Covid-19 virus. So, taking it will not help you. This is how ignorant (or blatantly dishonest) some so-called health professionals can be. News flash: Vitamin C is the number one booster of the human immune system. And your immune system fights off viruses! Hello! Why did so many adults with pre-existing conditions like obesity and high blood pressure and who took the vaccine suffer greater risk from the virus while children who did not take the vaccine remained perfectly safe and healthy? Why did some older people die from the virus? Why didn’t the vaccine help them? Because their immune system (the immune response of their body’s cells) was weaker and more compromised.

Being an expert in one area does not make you an expert in every other field. Even some doctors still have not figured this out. Some medical professionals are really good at what they do, but some of these same individuals do not understand or appreciate the power of nutritional supplements. They really don’t know anything about supplements. And the hospitals they work for are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. There is way too much money involved for them to give you an honest and un-biased recommendation when it comes to your health. They make more money if you stay sick.

References and Resources

This paper is the culmination of more than twenty years of research (on and off). More recently, I’ve been doing a lot of my research online and for free! Here are some of the teachers, scientists and nutritionists I’ve been learning from:

Dr. Steven Gundry — world renown heart surgeon who quit his medical profession to become a full-time nutritionist, researcher, and supplement developer because he realized he could help more people this way.

Dr. David Sinclair — Ph.D, biologist, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, and co-director of its Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research.

Dr. Carl Baugh — author, scientist, creationist, archaeologist, teacher, founder and director of Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.


Steven Gundry on Nutrition:

David Sinclair’s Longevity Supplement Stack:

Carl Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum website:

In closing…

Avoiding so many of the harmful substances that exist in the environment as well as in many foods and beverages, maintaining a diet of healthy proteins, carbs and fats, taking nutritional supplements to achieve optimum cellular health, regular exercise; these are some of the secrets of anti-aging. 

I’ve put these principles to practice in my own life and they work. Concerning “exercise,” sometimes I cheated. However, my best results have been achieved over seasons when I stayed consistent day after day, week after week. And an occasional “cheat day” is okay. Just don’t make everyday a cheat day. The same goes for “nutrition,” which is even more important than exercise. I strongly believe that the biggest anti-aging secret to be revealed to our generation is — nutritional supplements.

Over time, as healthy living becomes a lifestyle, you get results. Physically, you look and feel better and have more energy. For me something must be working. In my late 40s people I meet think that I’m in my early 30s. And some have thought that I was even younger than that.

Aging is a treatable condition. There are secrets of anti-aging. You can reverse the curse. Don’t get me wrong. You’re still gonna die. But why not live a full and healthy life? Why not live until you are satisfied? You can live a long satisfying life, run your course and do the things you were called to do.

The Bible says.. 

With long life I will satisfy you and show you my salvation. — Psalm 91:16 NIV

This a promise from God that belongs to His people and that could only take place down here on Earth before you die and leave this world. 

The question is… Do you want it?

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